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    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Half•Alive – Arrow

    Half•Alive is a pop band with a lot to say.  Opening inside of a fridge in a 1950’s kitchen upon which the words; ‘The Rest Of Your Life’ are dubiously scrawled, the music video for Arrow directed by Half•Alive lead singer Josh Taylor is as dynamically charged as the track. Featuring intricate choreography and colourful […]

    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Hozier – Dinner & Diatribes

    It would be easy to mistake Hozier’s “Dinner & Diatribes” for a love song if you happened to miss viewing the music video.   Occult vocalization opens over a candle lit dinner table in a dark room. Sitting atop, fanged animal skulls and raw meat glint on silverware while the background looms with an oil […]

    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Filous Feat. Klei – Bicycle

    Newcomer Klei’s clear and girlish vocals float suspended in blue skies only to descend into a bassy beat with a playful shove. Shot on both digital and 16mm film throughout the Netherlands for an intentionally nouveau-retro aesthetic, “Bicycle” isn’t here to take itself too seriously. The tune bops up and down, a bubbly and free-wheeling […]

    Video Views by JC: Toro Y Moi “Ordinary Pleasure”

    The opening scene to Toro Y Moi’s music video ‘Ordinary Pleasure’ begins in a glowing red hall with an EXIT sign directly in front of you. There’s a familiar musical composition playing at a distance, but you can’t quite place it. The camera tracks forward as you turn the corner to see a man wearing […]

    Video Views by JC: A$AP Rocky – Kids Turned Out Fine /Changes

    The honourable Prince of Psychedelic Hip Hop returns with his latest art-house installment, a cinematic double feature Kids Turned Out Just Fine / Changes. Directed once again by Dexter Navy, who previously collab’d with A$AP on gorgeously decadent music videos L$D, A$AP Forever, and Moneyman, has also notably created similar dreamscapes for fashion industry icons […]

    Video Views by JC: Vanlalchhanhima Ralte “Sex Machine”

    Here at YANGAROO Music, we deliver lots of music videos, virtually every video that’s submitted to TV for broadcast consideration. This one in particular has caught our attention. Vanlalchhanhima Ralte is back to once again capture your curiosity with his new track ’Sex Machine.’ Similar to his previous release; “Need is Need,” the track is […]


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