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    My video contains explicit language and content – should I be submitting a clean version only?

    Yes and no. If you’re submitting to one of the CBSViacom networks (BET, CMT, MTV, Nick Music), you can submit the explicit version (without closed captioning) and upon acceptance, their Standards & Practices department will review the video and post a list of edits they will need before playing it on air. Other TV broadcasters […]

    Are there more video destinations available than what I see in the Destinations step?

    Yes! With a Pro upgrade, you will have access to our full database of music industry promotional destinations. A listing of the main music video destinations can be viewed on this page. Upgrades can be done instantly via the Upgrade to Pro button on your Dashboard after logging in. More info about the Pro account option can be found here.

    DMDS allows me to upload wav and mp3 files. Which type is best?

    Radio holds very high standards for the quality of audio they play on-air. Wav is the standard uncompressed digital file format suitable for radio. The compression used in converting music to mp3 degrades audio quality. Distributing a less than pristine audio file will limit your chances of gaining airplay, especially with satellite and HD broadcasters. […]

    How can I find out exactly when and where my songs and/or videos have been played on air?

    We provide a radio tracking/monitoring package via Nielsen’s BDS Radio service as an optional add-on that will provide you with 8 weeks of airplay reporting data detailing exactly which Nielsen monitored stations (terrestrial, satellite, and online) have played your songs, how many times, and the size of the audience for each spin. If there is […]

    I’ve delivered my release to radio. When will they start playing it?

    YANGAROO Music’s DMDS provides access to your promotional release for radio programmers to stream and download in broadcast-quality (provided you upload your music as a broadcast-quality wav file). There is never a guarantee your release will be listened to by a programmer, or played on air. That depends on the quality of your music and […]

    What type of video files do broadcasters require?

    Detailed file specification information can be found here. When music videos are uploaded, our video team will perform a manual QC (quality control) and email you the results. If it meets the specs, we’ll confirm it’s ready to send as a broadcast file. Please note: initial submissions to most broadcasters don’t need to be broadcast spec, […]

    Where can I find pricing for music and music video distribution / delivery services?

    The available destination packages and prices for the free-to-access basic account option can be viewed here. For a detailed breakdown of pricing across the basic and Pro account options, sign up as Music and Video Sender here.

    Why is DMDS video distribution better than sending download links via email or other methods?

    The most important benefit is that DMDS is the broadcasters’ preferred method of acquiring new music videos for airplay consideration. DMDS is preferred for a variety of reasons: all decision-makers/influencers at the network can instantly watch the video as opposed to waiting for the weekly music meeting. integration with DMDS on the back-end helps broadcasters’ […]

    What is Closed Captioning and why do I need it?

    Closed Captions (CC) are the text that appear on a video, which contain dialogue and audio cues such as music or sound effects. The purpose of closed captions is to make video accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, for viewers whose native language is not English, and for when the audio […]

    Who’s using DMDS for promotional music and music video distribution?

    A wide range of record labels from multi-nationals like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, to large influential indies like Beggars Group, Sub Pop, eOne, Domino, artist services companies like 300 Entertainment, Kobalt Music, INgrooves, Empire Distribution, to a large number of small indie labels, indie artists, indie radio and video promotion […]