• Music FAQ

    Why is DMDS video distribution better than sending download links via email or other methods?

    The most important benefit is that DMDS is the broadcasters’ preferred method of acquiring new music videos for airplay consideration. DMDS is preferred for a variety of reasons:

    • all decision-makers/influencers at the network can instantly watch the video as opposed to waiting for the weekly music meeting.
    • integration with DMDS on the back-end helps broadcasters’ streamline the acquisition => review => broadcast workflow, giving DMDS delivered videos a much better chance of airplay.
    • they can search a library of submitted video releases to find yours instantly if and when needed
    • they can use DMDS to organize and simplify communication with the submitter.

    There are key benefits for the submitter as well:

    • Networks receive your submission on the same platform as all the other A-list artists, making their job easier and showing them you’re a professional
    • get direct feedback on the status of your submission.
    • view reports to see which individuals at which broadcasters have streamed and/or downloaded your video(s).
    • video(s) instantly delivered – not overnight, not 1 hour rush – instantly delivered as soon as you click Send.
    • Include accompanying promotional info/materials with your submission. eg, pics, links, bios, etc.
    • Nielsen/BDS Tracking option provides you with accurate airplay data.