• Advertising FAQ

    What is the difference between an ISCI and an Ad-ID filename?

    This is a good question as both ISCI (Industry Standard Commercial Identification) and AD-ID file naming both assist the broadcast industry to easily identify your spot across businesses.  What’s the difference? ISCI (Industry Standard Commercial Identification) File naming using the ISCI standard can be created by you during the production process however it is not […]

    Where can I find pricing for Yangaroo Advertising delivery services?

    The best way to get pricing is to contact Yangaroo using the below contact details. North America: 1-855-534-0607 (Toll-free in North America) International: +1 416-534-0607 Email: [email protected] A Yangaroo rep will be happy to help you figure out how Yangaroo can best and cost-effectively be utilized for your project(s). Contact us now! Follow us on […]

    I’m a broadcaster and want to get connected!

    We’ve made our platform easy to use and extremely powerful. A broadcaster can be set up using Yangaroo in one of three ways. Yangaroo DMDS Web. Yangaroo DMDS Web provides the destination with our web-based interface to access, review, and confirm required media. Yangaroo DMDS Deliver. Yangaroo DMDS Deliver allows us to Push or the […]

    How do I submit traffic instructions and receive notifications?

    No problem!  When you send your media order, you’ll have the option to include traffic notifications as well. You can attach documents, type in your instructions – whatever works best for you.  We can even synchronize and retrieve data from other traffic management utilities you may be using internally.  All in all, we’ve built an advanced […]

    Ok, my spot has been uploaded. Now what?

    Great job!   Once your spot is received, our expert video team will start both automatic and manual quality control (QC) efforts to ensure your content meets broadcast standards.  If we see any issues, we’ll quickly notify you via email or phone with details of anything that may need to be fixed or present options to […]

    How do I get my spot to Yangaroo DMDS for delivery?

    It’s simple and easy to prepare your video spot!  YANGAROO’S DMDS platform has been designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing production workflows.  Prior to uploading, your video should be formatted with a 5 second slate and 2 seconds of black at the head, followed by the media.  More options available for uploading audio and […]