• YANGAROO Music for Broadcasters, Curators, Tastemakers

    Welcome to YANGAROO Music, our music servicing platform that’s 100% free for industry pros using new music for promotional purposes. New broadcast-ready tracks and music videos are being delivered every day by all four major label groups, indie labels, artist service companies, promoters, managers and independent artists themselves. Get access to a cloud-based music library where you can stream and download audio, video, images and other promotional material at the click of a button. No app, no plugins, and no additional software required. How easy is this? Get your account set-up and start using today.

    Airplay chart integration

    Songs delivered via Yangaroo Music are automatically synched with the BDS Radio and Mediabase for ease of access through multiple platforms. Whether you’re browsing new music in your DMDS Library, or the airplay charts – streams and downloads are at your fingertips.

    Metadata management

    A full complement of metadata – ISRC, Songwriter, Composer, Publisher, CanCon, and more – is embedded with every track and downloadable in xml format for easy importing into your broadcast systems. No manual data entry – accurate information straight from the source and into your play logs.

    More than just music

    Immediately access and download other supporting content to the music as well!

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    You can download single artwork, artist publicity photos, and other supporting images and logos as well.

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    Artist bios, one sheets, and press releases are accessible and easily downloadable.

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    Any related asset to the music is yours. Just select what you want and download. Too easy!

    Radio Broadcasters – Get started now!

    Lets get started! Just follow the below instructions to get your tracks downloading instantly.

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    Using your secure username and password, login to your account via your favorite web browser. Need a login? Sign Up Now!

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    You’ll gain instant access to the new music releases delivered to any format or genre based lists your station or organization has been included with, and of course instant access to anything delivered new moving forward. Also, when new music is delivered, you’ll be notified by email with many releases including buttons for one-click streams and downloads right from your inbox.

    step 3


    With no necessary apps, plugins, or software required – access to the newest releases from the hottest artists and yet to be discovered gems is available to you via email notifications, the BDS Radio and Mediabase charts, and of course your DMDS Library – there’s no easier or better way to discover and receive new music for promotional use.

    What our radio broadcasters say

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    edge radio broadcaster
    981 radio broadcaster
    zone radio broadcaster
    cbs radio broadcaster
    edge radio broadcaster
    981 radio broadcaster
    zone radio broadcaster
    cbs radio broadcaster