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    What is Closed Captioning and why do I need it?

    Closed Captions (CC) are the text that appear on a video, which contain dialogue and audio cues such as music or sound effects. The purpose of closed captions is to make video accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, for viewers whose native language is not English, and for when the audio cannot be heard due to noise (restaurants, public spaces, etc.) or a need for quiet (libraries, hospitals, etc.).

    All final broadcast deliveries MUST be closed captioned.

    The FCC requires the majority of English and Spanish programming seen on broadcast TV in the United States to be captioned. The CRTC requires the same for Canadian broadcasts.

    Closed Caption Requirements:
    • SD: CEA-608 (Line 21) or DTV-608 (QuickTime close caption track) required.
    • HD: CEA-608 or DTV-608 required. CEA-708 and DTV-708 are optional.
    • Captions need to be the last step in creating/submitting a final master, as you cannot edit a video once captions have been applied or they will be lost.
    How To Caption Your Video:
    Work with An Expert

    Your existing production house might offer this service. Ask them for more information, but make sure they are captioning correctly and digitally! You don’t want to lose time having the file rejected due to incorrect captioning or because of a loss of quality due to ‘old style’ bounce to tape captioning.

    YANGAROO Captioning Services. YANGAROO can also closed caption your video. Please contact [email protected] / 1 855 534 0607 x401 to order or inquire about closed captioning and other post-production services.