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    Video Views by JC: A$AP Rocky – Kids Turned Out Fine /Changes

    The honourable Prince of Psychedelic Hip Hop returns with his latest art-house installment, a cinematic double feature Kids Turned Out Just Fine / Changes. Directed once again by Dexter Navy, who previously collab’d with A$AP on gorgeously decadent music videos L$D, A$AP Forever, and Moneyman, has also notably created similar dreamscapes for fashion industry icons Louis Vuitton and Dior.

    Navy, known for his surreal and visually arresting style, perfectly compliments the nostalgic musings of A$AP, paired over a chill down beat with an acoustic hook. It’s delightful to witness the blend of Navy and Rocky’s notoriously haute-couture-on-acid aesthetic. The video opens over bright, still images of young teens doing young teen stuff: skateboarding over the hood of a car, sharing a chuckle on a bed behind a shy hand, or simply lying on their backs in a field, pointing at the sky. The summer backdrop is infused with idyllic and innocent youth, perhaps cleverly intended to contrast the current February weather, and invokes heart pangs of nostalgia for warmer times, as is nodded to in the lyrics;

    Kids are kids, understand
    Out late, going crazy, kids innocent
    (…) The kids will be alright
    Just fine
    All the colors are alive
    No longer black or white

    As the shots continuously move in a smooth side pan that seems to cross over decades effortlessly, Kids Turned Out Fine serves up 60’s hippie culture paired with a modern sensibility that seems to breach the holds of space and time. There’s no telling where or when any of this is taking place exactly, if only in A$AP’s mind – but as always, its a good trip.

    Fall down the rabbit hole and check out the video for yourself.