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    Video Views by JC: Chet Faker “Get High”

    “Just imagine you became famous for embracing being super cool, got lost in it a little, then started to question if being cool is even that cool anyway, so you changed your name back to the one you were born with, only to end up missing the show pony of coolness that started it all.” Check out our very own JC’s take on Chet Faker’s new video ”Get High.”

    Video Views by JC: GENGHIS TRON – Dream Weapon

    “A flickering mass of layered video images, the music video for Dream Weapon is as disjointed as the track is rhythmic. If you can’t take the visual static (epileptics be warned) you can still enjoy the lyrical beauty in ‘all of the patterns.’.” Check out our very own JC’s take on Genghis Tron’s new video ”Dream Weapon.”

    Video Views by JC: John Carpenter – Alive After Death

    “Vividly summoned by artist Boneface, the video captures the creeps of a dark hallucination in gorgeously lurid, horror-comic reminiscent illustrations.” Check out our very own JC’s take on legendary horror auteur, John Carpenter’s latest foray into music video.

    Video Views by JC: BRIDGE “Across The Universe”

    “The music video for Across The Universe builds to an epileptic peak, where glitching dimensional realms collide and Bugs Bunny goes Super Saiyan..” Check out our very own JC’s take on electro-hip hop artist BRIDGE’s new video “Across the Universe”.

    Video Views by JC: Sports – Baby Baby

    “Crooning vocals shimmer and slide into moody bass lines with perfectly pitched auditory psychedelia.” Check out our very own JC’s take on electro-pop indie band Sports new video “Baby Baby”.

    Video Views by JC: Blood Cultures – Hard to Explain

    “Describing themselves as the product of Mark Zuckerberg’s blood ritual, the band hides in plain sight, obscured by intentionally absurd obscurity.” Check out our very own JC’s take on Blood Culture’s cover of The Strokes’ ”Hard to Explain.”

    Video Views by JC: Rei Ami “Mac & Cheese”

    “A less gross-out version of WAP, REI AMI serves IDGAF vibes with a side of class in MAC & CHEESE.” Check out our very own JC’s take on the new video “Mac & Cheese” from Rei Ami.

    Video Views by JC: Joey Pecoraro – It Is All Connected

    “Tinged with sweetly ambivalent nostalgia, the spacey little piece of escapism has become synonymous with the chillhop genre.” Check out our very own JC’s take on the new video “It Is All Connected” from Joey Pecoraro.

    Video Views by JC: Peaches – Flip This

    “Shot from her studio in Berlin, Peaches stares us down through a phone camera with no filter, executing a one-take one-woman performance with only the aid of a few flashing lights and a stunningly committed mullet to lend their solidarity.” Check out our very own JC’s take on the new video “Flip This” from ElectroPunk Queen, Peaches.



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