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    Delivering the largest TV political ad campaign ever seen.

    Did you know Yangaroo is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) and recently helped deliver one of the most extensive TV political ad campaigns the industry has ever seen? Find out more on how Yangaroo can help get your political campaigns out there and fast!

    Why Traffic Instructions matter

    After all the hard work getting your commercial produced and client approved, you’re finally ready to distribute your spot to the broadcast station/s. Your media campaign is complete, and station sales orders are in place for committed airdates. You just now need to complete and submit traffic instructions.

    10 TV commercial editing tips & tricks (& common mistakes to avoid!)

    Unsure on how to get the most out of editing? Learn from our experts how you can maximize your editing potential and ensure your commercial stands out from the crowd.

    Exceptional service no matter the situation

    It’s now summertime, and the great outdoors is calling us. Check out how Yangaroo’s cloud-based platform works for you and our team now working-from-home, where a work-home balance is required, more than ever.

    Why TV & radio broadcasters LOVE Yangaroo

    There are many advantages to working with Yangaroo, including the relationships we build and maintain with our broadcasters. Get the details of those benefits straight from our Affiliates Operations VP, Todd Barkes.

    What is the difference between an ISCI and an Ad-ID filename?

    This is a good question as both ISCI (Industry Standard Commercial Identification) and AD-ID file naming both assist the broadcast industry to easily identify your spot across businesses.  What’s the difference? ISCI (Industry Standard Commercial Identification) File naming using the ISCI standard can be created by you during the production process however it is not […]

    One-Time-Only delivery – making it easy

    It’s typical to expect that when you need a service, you’ve entered into a process that gets you signing up for an account. This process sometimes feels too long and a burden when all you want to do is send a TV spot to a broadcaster. So, what’s the solution?

    How does the station know where my spot is coming from?

    As soon as your spot has been sent, our system will send a delivery/traffic notification to all required contacts at the station level. If there are any specific station contacts that need to be notified of your spot delivery, just let us know beforehand and we can add them to our notification list easily. It […]

    The 5 most common misconceptions about Yangaroo

    When we ask our customers and industry leaders who Yangaroo is, we get many varied answers. For the record, here are some clarifications…

    How will I know when my spot is delivered?

    Once your spot has been sent to the destination by our team, the Account Manager working with you will send a POD, or proof of delivery. This delivery confirmation not only provides the time stamp your spot was made available to the destination, it also provides the date and time the spot was downloaded at […]