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    Why send my spots through Yangaroo instead of e-mail?

    Most e-mail services do not allow attachments over a certain size and in most cases, even compressed commercial spots are too large to send. All destinations also have their own formats and checks and balances that each spot must adhere to; since Yangaroo already has these requirements on-hand, each spot uploaded to us is automatically […]

    What is an ISCI?

    An ISCI is an alpha-numeric identifier assigned to a commercial spot and can be created by the sending agency. ISCI’s allow traffic departments to quickly match a spot up with its traffic instructions allowing them to identify and air the correct content. ISCI’s should not contain any special characters, be between 5-12 characters in length, […]

    Do I need to close-caption my spots?

    Closed-captioning is not required by law in the United States for commercial content so is optional. In Canada however, closed-captioning is mandatory for any commercial content to air. If closed-captioning is a service you’d like to add to your spot to increase its accessibility, contact [email protected] for further details.

    What is a slate?

    Slates are placed before commercial content to provide the necessary information to traffic departments so that they can quickly and easily identify a spot. We recommend the following information be included on your slate: If you have any questions regarding slates or you’d like Yangaroo to add a slate to your spot for you, contact […]

    Watch Out Hollywood. There is a new vendor in town.

    Get the inside scoop on Yangaroo’s big move to Hollywood as we venture into the entertainment industry.

    The Importance of “Accessibility”

    Find out how Yangaroo can help expand your audience reach by adding accessibility options to your advertising content.

    Yangaroo’s USP starts with its people and culture.

    What sets Yangaroo apart from the competition? Read on to discover our core values and what really makes us different. (Hint: it’s not our low prices!)

    Where can I find pricing for Yangaroo Advertising delivery services?

    The best way to get pricing is to contact Yangaroo using the below contact details. North America: 1-855-534-0607 (Toll-free in North America) International: +1 416-534-0607 Email: [email protected] A Yangaroo rep will be happy to help you figure out how Yangaroo can best and cost-effectively be utilized for your project(s). Contact us now!

    I’m a broadcaster and want to get connected!

    We’ve made our platform easy to use and extremely powerful. A broadcaster can be set up using Yangaroo in one of three ways. Yangaroo DMDS Web. Yangaroo DMDS Web provides the destination with our web-based interface to access, review, and confirm required media. Yangaroo DMDS Deliver. Yangaroo DMDS Deliver allows us to Push or the […]

    How do I submit traffic instructions and receive notifications?

    No problem!  When you send your media order, you’ll have the option to include traffic notifications as well. You can attach documents, type in your instructions – whatever works best for you.  We can even synchronize and retrieve data from other traffic management utilities you may be using internally.  All in all, we’ve built an advanced […]