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    Cost-effective Closed Captioning & Post-production Services

       We’ve Lowered our Closed Captioning Prices   

    Send More. Do More. Save More

    We not only distribute your content, but also provide closed captioning and other post-production services.

    And, we have made sending your music videos with our YANGAROO DMDS platform easier and more cost-effective. In addition to the delivery efficiency provided, you can also take advantage of our closed-captioning services at a new lower price. Captions are encoded directly into specified digital files all while ensuring its compliance (required by law via the FCC in the US and the CRCT in Canada).

    Best part of it all? We’ve recently lowered our closed captioning service rate to $249!

    • Trusted and reliable partner
    • Lightning fast turnaround
    • Competitive pricing
    • Broadcast-ready guarantee
    • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable customer service
    • Over 16K destinations in North America

    So what are you waiting for? Start sending and saving with YANGAROO today! 

    To place an order or ask questions email us at [email protected]