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    Video Views by JC: Toro Y Moi “Ordinary Pleasure”

    The opening scene to Toro Y Moi’s music video ‘Ordinary Pleasure’ begins in a glowing red hall with an EXIT sign directly in front of you. There’s a familiar musical composition playing at a distance, but you can’t quite place it. The camera tracks forward as you turn the corner to see a man wearing a silver bomber jacket sitting at a white piano. Then it hits you- the music seemed familiar because it is, of course. The Godfather theme tinkles through a white room with pops of cheerful colour all around, a photo of the earth from space placed meaningfully, with incense burning next to it as if in tribute to Toro Y Moi’s new album; “Outer Peace,” or maybe to the Earth itself, it’s hard to say either way.

    The gangster theme stops, and the man at the piano murmers; “Nice” with a nod, as he turns to face the camera and intones, “I’m Chaz, Welcome to Company Studio,” a simultaneous introduction to both his own record company, and himself as the lead singer of Toro Y Moi in the same breath. The camera then follows him further into the studio where he similarly introduces the band members to you, the single audience member, and they kick off into ‘Ordinary Pleasure’ after a quick count-off.

    The vibe is intimate yet familiar, like a tiny desk concert taking place on your balcony, or a backyard jam sesh on a Sunday night. You’re invited to a private concert at your own leisure it seems, and much like the title of the track, it feels both ordinary and wonderful. With a funk beat that doesn’t quit, you’re invited slip into something more comfortable, paint some art, and join some chilled out people on the dance floor on the patio outside, and do as they lyrics suggest already, and ‘Maximize all the pleasure.’