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    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Half•Alive – Arrow

    Half•Alive is a pop band with a lot to say. 

    Opening inside of a fridge in a 1950’s kitchen upon which the words; ‘The Rest Of Your Life’ are dubiously scrawled, the music video for Arrow directed by Half•Alive lead singer Josh Taylor is as dynamically charged as the track. Featuring intricate choreography and colourful set design taking inspiration from Taylor’s favourite film directors, the band slouches through time periods and styles as the song progresses, signifying moving through the stages of life- even if somewhat reluctantly. Arrow conveys a sense of both apprehension and playfulness, and in Taylor’s words; “is about being comfortable being in the present, in light of the future being so pressing,” expressed transparently in the lyrics:

    The hardest place to be

    is right where you are

    In the space between

    the finish and the start

    Bursting at the seams with a kinetic energy that finds itself in a mix of genres somewhere between electro, pop and alternative rock, Half•Alive compliments their upbeat tone with well considered lyrics, an aberration that sets them firmly apart from their peers. The band was born out of a challenge Taylor set himself in an effort to push his creativity to new heights- to write 50 original songs in one year.  In that space, the message of the band was developed, and is referenced in the band name. Tapping into the internal struggle within human nature toward life or destruction, according to Taylor, this polarization of forces often leave people feeling half alive. “We try to in our songs represent that tension, it is something we as people feel, but it’s hard to put your finger on,” he explains. The combination of jubilant pop optimism and sober content has garnered the band a quick and loyal following, something the band appreciates, and says has driven them forward to continue to create increasingly engaging and relatable content. Philosophical implications aside, be sure to check out the video for the stunning aesthetic alone.