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    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Filous Feat. Klei – Bicycle

    Newcomer Klei’s clear and girlish vocals float suspended in blue skies only to descend into a bassy beat with a playful shove. Shot on both digital and 16mm film throughout the Netherlands for an intentionally nouveau-retro aesthetic, “Bicycle” isn’t here to take itself too seriously. The tune bops up and down, a bubbly and free-wheeling mini adventure. Repping an impressive assortment of dad sneakers and mismatched sets, Klei smirks out humble-braggadocios lyrics while straddling an upside down bike pedalled backward. Filous prefers to sit on the sidelines holding his head in a caricature of worry as his partner in cute crime perfects bike tricks and self conscious dance moves.

    Do I look too cool,
    Do I look too cool on my bicycle?
    I’m sorry I rule,
    I’m sorry I rule, oh

    If you’re wondering where these two came from you’re in good company. Having previously lent her voice to indie electronic acts Midnight Kids and Palastic, this is Brit-born Klei’s first track with Austrian producer and beat maker Filous. Destined for road trip playlists and backyard parties everywhere, the single generated it’s own momentum with with over a million streams before the video was released.

    Does anything scream Spring more than fresh kicks and fluorescent track suits? I didn’t think so.