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    Video Views by JC: GENGHIS TRON – Dream Weapon

    Post-rock alchemists Genghis Tron manifested a new form of musical thought.

    In a time when heavier was typically better, the noise group bushwhacked their way into nearly untrodden territory by combining softer progressive elements with the unrepentantly dark, affronting wall of sound associated with noise music –  while sacrificing none of the power or intensity of metal. A precise formulation of electronic, grind, and ambient, Genghis Tron was set apart quickly not only for their technical acumen, but for an almost prophetic musical offering. Futuristic yet wholly grounded in the traditions of decades of heavy music, the group synthesized quirky and nightmarish electronic elements with doom metal gloom and some good old fashioned screamin’ to form a stimulating blast of unpredictable sound.

    Returning from the void a lucky thirteen years since their last release, Genghis Tron has a new singer and a new vibe to match. Signature rippling riffs are balanced with new delicacy as singer Tony Wolski adds a soft, crooning harmony to the din – no more screaming here. With the relentless plodding of a thousand tiny wingbeats, the hypnotic single finally lands somewhere thrillingly close to shoegaze. A flickering mass of layered video images, the music video for Dream Weapon is as disjointed as the track is rhythmic. If you can’t take the visual static (epileptics be warned) you can still enjoy the lyrical beauty in “all of the patterns.”

    Full album release for Dream Weapon lands March 26 from Relapse Records.