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    Dagny squints into the camera, a night time rooftop scene dissolving around the edges of the flood light. Throwing her arms over her head with abandon, her smile glitters with all the promise of a disco ball.

    Pop messiah Dagny just released a new track teasing her upcoming EP, Side A. An antidote to what ails ya, Somebody pulls you onto the dance floor with both hands and accepts no protests or excuses. A gust of fresh air in the form of a synth-wave phenom, the track surges with positive energy. Written with the intention of expressing and inspiring “the all-consuming and exciting feeling of newness,” the pulsing beat weaves a feel-good spell, celebrating the thrill of unlimited potential.

    Don’t remember the words

    I know how I felt

    Is this trouble again?

    The underground pop icon has kept fans on pins and needles since her last major release in 2016. Anticipation is powerful, and could in part account for how the Norwegian songstress managed to amass a global fandom without the benefit of a full album. Right behind Somebody was January’s release Come Over, a glittery pop song with the fun-loving simplicity of an 80’s classic. The music videos for both tracks have the benefit of being directed by TUSK, a visual feast maker known for working with Halsey, Niki Minaj and Camila Cabello.  Striding into her own, 2020 seems to be Dagny’s year. Listen for Side A dropping on May 22nd, and hold out for Side B closing out the summer in September, and in the meantime, get lost in the night with Somebody.