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    Video Views by JC: BRIDGE “Across The Universe”

    Triple threat singer, songwriter and beat maker BRIDGE offers audiences new inroads to musical exploration.

    Hailing from LA, the unlabeled hit maker has been blending dank and dirty hip hop with indie guitar and RnB vocals since 2014. After two albums, collabs with Toronto’s club music duo DVBBS and hip hop legend Schoolboy Q, BRIDGE is back to bomb 2020 with the slick, warped sound of a massive cosmic event. Showering the sky is Across The Universe, a bass-heavy contemplative dive into the ramblings of a mind grasping to take it all in. Featuring ecstatically spliced together snippets of classic anime and cartoons, the music video for Across The Universe builds to an epileptic peak, where glitching dimensional realms collide and Bugs Bunny goes Super Saiyan. An attempt to describe BRIDGE’s thought process when he’s alone, the music video is an expression of the moment when it all clicks.

    Check out Across the Universe to connect the dots.