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    Video Views by JC: Joey Pecoraro – It Is All Connected

    Joey Pecoraro regresses in new release It Is All Connected.

    Popping up first around 2014 on Soundcloud, the music composer from Detroit became a name withTired Boy, a shift away from his previous releases of adorable lo-fi ditties that were slowly but surely finding their way into YouTube mixes of “beats to study and relax to.” Tinged with sweetly ambivalent nostalgia, the spacey little piece of escapism has become synonymous with the chillhop genre. A humble guy, Pecoraro simply claims to make “music for your emotions.” Since the release of the Tired Boy LP in 2017, Pecoraro has been developing his own musical language, weaving blends of ecstatically emotive tones into new shapes, with recognizable influences.

    Dropped at the end of July 2020, the Sea Monster LP explores new depths in innocent joy. The LP serves as Pecoraro’s exploration into the seabed of his childhood, where wonder and excitement were an every day experience. Shades of triphop and electronica emerge from a subterranean ambient lakebed, with cinematic snippets of dialogue accenting the journey. It Is All Connected shows up as the last track on the album. Delving between worlds, we are immersed in the waking state of a young boy, observing his memories from afar as he surfaces from sleep – only to be dragged back under.

    Hit snooze and find out where It Is All Connected takes you.