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    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Grimes – Delete Forever

    Gazing into a distant sun, a sad galactic siren overlooks her crumbling kingdom.

    Grimes’ new release Delete Forever fell to Earth last week, leaving a meteorite blast zone in its wake for long standing fans and new revellers alike. Acoustic elements and bare-bone vocals open the track, echoing grunge era influence- an apt choice for a track dedicated to discussing where addiction and creativity overlap. Celestial stardust rains down in drifting swirls as Grimes dances in her seat, an imperial gown disguising her imminent turn to motherhood, she remains grounded with signature black platforms intact. In low gravity we drift away from her celestial throne as the song delves into an ambient refrain spiked with heart-straining strings and plucky banjo elements forming a sympathetic harmony. As Grimes herself admits, “It’s a pretty bummer song.” Inspired in part by her own experiences with loss due to substance abuse, the track was written the night Lil Peep died, and comments on the “weird hopelessness” that arises in the wake of the opioid epidemic.

    Upcoming album Miss_Anthropocene has been long in arriving. The album was announced in 2017 with singles dropping slowly since 2018, notably We Appreciate Power, a collab with HANA. The concept album about “the anthropomorphic Goddess of climate change” is intended to take a whimsical crack at human extinction. If anyone can make us look forward to an imminent environmental collapse with synths, it’s Grimes.

    Our favourite anime outer space queen is set to release Miss_Anthropocene later this month, look for it Feb 21st, 2020.