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    Video Views by JC: Sports – Baby Baby

    Sports is in the mood to stay in.

    The sexy electro-pop group has been grooving since grade school. Made up of a decades-long collaboration between playground pals Cale Chronister & Christian Theriot, the duo describe themselves as a band of wizards from Oklahoma- but there’s nothing country about these two, Dorothy. Sports stand out for their cinematic soundscapes, entertaining with wah-wah pedals, cowbells, and lounge pianos in equal measure. Crooning vocals shimmer and slide into moody bass lines with perfectly pitched auditory psychedelia. If you listen carefully, somewhere in the mix can be found the flick of a cigarette butt, the snippet of a French film, or the tinkle of broken beer bottles.

    New release Baby Baby is the second 2020 single since their first full length album Everyone’s Invited in 2018. The music video is a direct broadcast from the self-care isolation bubble one finds themselves in occasionally, while hiding from looming responsibilities or the consequences of recent events. In a subterranean lair of bad wallpaper that looks suspiciously like a recording studio that’s seen better days, the band explores dreams and memories from times past. Check out Baby Baby and get on the dream-funk train