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    Video Views By JC: Zella Day – My Game

    Zella Day continues a long tradition of retro-inspired classics with new release My Game. Crooning a lyrical melody that sounds like a vinyl dust jacket feels, Zella Day’s voice is smooth and slightly worn at the edges. Her free-spirited sound is timeless, fitting snugly tucked into a record store bin somewhere before the invention of auto tune, contemporary strains of musical nuance glimmering like sequins on a cocktail dress. 

    I want you mean, like a disco fever

    Sound of your heart tells me you’re a believer

    Time hasn’t seem to have moved since Ms Day’s breakout 2015 album Kicker, but singles dot the landscape on the highway of Ms Day’s career. 2019’s breathy rendition of You Sexy Thing reveals Zella’s loyalty to cover tracks, with the 70’s soft rock callback People Are Stangers appearing alongside My Game on the 2020 EP by the same name. The music video for My Game is a mod fashion spy thriller featuring Hitchcockian car chases and serious devotion to full body leotards. (Yep, up to the eyes). Check out My Game to watch Zella Day serve ‘death by disco’ with style.