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    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Tame Impala – Lost in Yesterday

    The voice of a decade recently gone resurfaces in Lost In Yesterday.

    It’s been nearly five years since Tame Impala released a full length album, but that doesn’t mean Kevin Parker’s hands have been idle. Between managing his numerous musical endeavours, getting married, and working on a new Tame Impala album, the quintessential millennial psych rocker kept the band’s toes in the limelight and in the collective consciousness by collaborating with artists like ZHU and SZA, dropping singles like breadcrumbs, and of course headlining major festivals.

    Sliding into a new age, Lost In Yesterday manages to answer the question: “What’s the opposite of nostalgia?” and make you wish you’d never asked. A sobering look over the shoulder at the not-distant-enough past, the music video plays out in a continuous backward flowing loop into seemingly happier or perhaps, more naive times. Begging for some attention to detail (praise the wardrobe department) the video starts at a family shindig in the 80’s and drifts through the decades like so much public cigarette smoke, only to end jarringly in the present – which is still the past. Put down that drink while you’re dancing honey, you might get dizzy.

    A cheerful beat belying the subversive visuals, Parker’s voice lilts over relationship-oriented introspective lyrics in an echo of previous hits. The track feels like familiar territory, with intention. Lost in Yesterday is the first song from the long awaited album The Slow Rush, set to release as a personalized Valentine to fans on February 14th. Hold onto your heart strings, and get ready to only go backwards again.