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    Rosalía steps into the center of a quiet town, dust swirling at her feet. The Mystic Beauty Gang’s here, so lock up your daughters.

    Loco, Mira eso!

    (Dude, look at that!)

    Spanish agitation Rosalía has graced us with a vigorous piece of pop art in new release Aute Cuture. A sensory specialist, she has garnered herself a reputation as an aesthete with a unique vision. Fusing societal symbolism and flights of fantasy into alarmingly pleasurable new forms, Rosalía enjoys deconstructing culture through fashion. In Aute Cuture she trifles with the idea of feminine beauty. Fingernails become samurai swords and soft plushy fabrics are balanced with sharpened body contour and extreme angles. The benevolent but ruthless Mystic Beauty Gang presides over a nail salon from which they deal in the business of magic and power.

    Aute Cuture is an amusement park ride in contrast to last year’s boundary breaking album El mal querer. The 2018 release was conceptually focused around a toxic relationship, taking inspiration from 14th century novel Flamenca. Rosalía stepped onto the world stage and held attention as much for her inventive visual authority and cultural dexterity as for her genre bending music. Yep, “Flamenco Pop” is now a thing. Let’s admit it: Egyptian headdresses work surprisingly well with platforms.