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    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Sebastian Mikael – Acid Part II

    Existing in the space between a 70’s subway platform and a VR headset, R&B groover Sebastian Mikael’s music video for Acid Part II riddles with the question: what starts upside down, has no beginning, middle or end, and is over before you know it?

    At just over two minutes long with a song structure as loose as a pair of silk bell-bottoms blowing in the breeze, the video flits from a god’s eye view of retro party people on a hazy dance floor to close ups of Mikael deadpanning the camera. The music video avidly avoids convention and regulation – mirroring some of Mikael’s own creative force. The Swedish born, Berklee College of Music alum learned to embrace his unique vision early in his career, even at the risk of losing out on a coveted opportunity. Signed to Epic Records while still in school, it took leaving the label and embracing a less structured approach to find his rhythm.

    Do you feel the groove? (…)

    Ain’t no rules, do your thing,

    Get on this wave, just stay on

    The music video is a single off the album I C U U C ME Part II, the conclusion of a two part EP sharing the same name. Written with his collective of musicians, rappers and producers known as the Most High Kingdom, Mikael describes writing the album as an emotional process driven from “the hunger to create dope sh—-“. Free-flow inspiration between fashion, art and music was never so prevalent as in the 60’s and 70’s, decades The Collective draw from as a time when music was about freeing your mind, and fashion was about individual self expression. And there was smoking. A lot of smoking.

    Get inspired to lose your sense of time in Acid Part II.