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    Rocket Music: Cristina Malakhai “Besos Arma”

    Cristina Malakhai releases “Besos Arma” , new single that will be part of the next album and that refers to a concept that for the first time in 100 years, changed our schemes: “the kisses that used to heal, are now a weapon .”

    The confusion, impatience, despair, boredom, uncertainty, the lack, doom, the line was thin between nothing and everything, the production inspired by a cluster of sensations and bottled for its listeners at her apartment, ready to be corked. It hums stereo arpeggiated synthesizers, an electropop beat, and layers of voices in various dimensions by a closer look.

    Her new single Co-Produced and Mixed by Pablo Mirete, a Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter, arranger, ambassador for the Latin Cultural Foundation GRAMMY, and a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Pablo wears the Fugaz Awards on his belt for Best Soundtrack with the short film “Umbrellas”, which was also nominated for the 2022 Goya Awards.

    “The well-modulated voice of the Catalan Cristina sways in the padded sound, synthetic and with an international cosmopolitan aroma (…)” Esteban Linés, La Vanguardia (National Newspaper)

    “Project of a Barcelona singer, singer-songwriter who turned her career around with this new album.” Tomás Fernando Flores, National Radio of Spain RNE3, SIGLO 21.

    Cristina Malakhai is a singer, songwriter, producer, radio presenter, and actress from Barcelona, Spain. Besides having 200.000 views on her Youtube channel, and 25.000 followers across platforms, She reached number 1 on iTunes Spain with the project Los Peces de Cristina. She began her tour more than 100 shows in Europe and the United States while being a voting member of the Latin Grammy Academy.

    Cristina is currently working at a music publishing house and is preparing new releases with producer Marcus Bell ( Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland ), among others, with whom she will release a single music video that already has more than a dozen awards and nominations at Los Angeles and Latin America Film Festivals.

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