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    YANGAROO and ShineX Integrate Services to Benefit Independent Music

    YANGAROO enhances its DMDS platform to provide accurate satellite radio airplay detection and expected royalty remuneration data.

    TORONTO, ON – April 12, 2022 – YANGAROO Inc. (TSX-V: YOO, OTC: YOOIF, “YANGAROO”), the software leader in workflow management and media distribution solutions, and ShineX Technologies (“ShineX”), today announced a new strategic alliance. YANGAROO has enhanced its promotional music delivery platform (“Yangaroo Music”) by seamlessly integrating with ShineX’s airplay and royalty tracking platform.  ShineX tracks airplay on satellite radio stations thereby providing satellite radio’s lucrative royalties to independent artists.

    “Adding ShineX data to Yangaroo Music provides our clients with the information needed to accurately and instantly track spins on all SiriusXM stations along with visibility on their next royalty payouts derived from this airplay,” said Adam Hunt, EVP Music at YANGAROO. “This is another tool to help labels and artists grow their fanbases and income through our promotional delivery services, and we think they’re going to love it.”

    Satellite radio operates on the Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services (“SDARS”) system of royalty remuneration, administered by SoundExchange. Royalty rates are simpler to understand and are significantly higher than traditional radio. With a larger volume of genre-specific channels available, satellite radio provides a greater opportunity for new and emerging artists to gain airplay, and in some cases, a significant new income stream. Finally, the Yangaroo Music platform’s ability to track royalties via ShineX’s technology provides visibility on expected revenues and is invaluable for artists and labels to plan and evaluate their upcoming income stream.

    “SDARS royalty rates, and revenue potential from satellite radio airplay have been the best kept secret in independent music for too long,” said Guillaume Drouin, Founder of ShineX. “Now that the data we provide is accessible on the same platform labels and artists use to promote their music to radio, it won’t be a secret for long.”

    ShineX airplay and royalty tracking data is immediately available via all Yangaroo Music sender accounts.

    About YANGAROO

    Yangaroo is the leader in cloud-based workflow management for the advertising and entertainment industries.  YANGAROO’s patented DMDS is a modern, secure platform that connects creative campaigns to local, national, and cable TV broadcasters, and radio broadcasters, using a full suite of compliance, verification, and measurement tools.

    YANGAROO trades on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol YOO and in the U.S. under OTCBB: YOOIF, and has offices in Toronto, New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. For more information, visit yangaroo.com or follow us on LinkedIn and the social media apps.

    About ShineX

    ShineX is the leader in satellite radio broadcast monitoring and royalty tracking. The powerful ShineX platform has helped thousands of artists and labels verify and plan their royalty payments from satellite radio.

    “For a very long time, artists and labels have been left in the dark about their performance and their royalties on satellite radio. Not anymore. ShineX, with its easy to use and easy to understand interface, allows artists and labels to know in real time how much royalties their songs are generating and when they should receive this payment. ShineX is bringing transparency back to a part of the industry that desperately needed it.” Guillaume Drouin, founder of ShineX.

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