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    Going Green is in Our DNA

    When you think awards season you think red carpet, glamour, and gowns. The hype is surrounding who’s wearing what, who’s nominated for what, who’s performing, hosting, attending, and ultimately, who wins. But often the behind the scenes access for award shows is geared more towards exclusive celebrity interviews and industry insight, not the literal behind the scenes operations.

    Let’s take the GRAMMY Awards, for instance. The GRAMMY voters get to choose the best of the best in the recording industry, as the GRAMMYs are considered the highest achievement of recognition in the industry. The voters are comprised of recording industry executives, leaders, visionaries, labels, and artists, among others. Together there are over 17,000 voters who, in the past, each received their slate of nominees to vote from via CDs and their packaging. As you can imagine, this created a lot of unnecessary material that was being packaged and shipped to each voter. What happened to the materials when the voters were finished with them is anybody’s guess.

    CDs and their packaging are made from many non-renewable materials that, when discarded, don’t decompose. It’s estimated that in North America alone 1 billion CDs weighing almost 20,000 tons are discarded – a conservative estimate which excludes discs with defects discarded by the manufacturer.

    So when YANGAROO is approached by an awards show to handle their voting submission process via their state of the art Awards Platform, things instantly get greener. By uploading audio and video digitally and delivering electronically over the Internet, submissions can be reviewed online, nominees chose, and voting completed efficiently and securely. Suddenly, there is no longer a physical entity tied to the process, saving tons of time, money, and ultimately helping the environment.

    With this reduction of pollution, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions, instantly the awards shows get a green makeover. That’s something worthy of a standing ovation – or an encore – or even, the top prize of the night.