• Advertising FAQ

    Ok, my spot has been uploaded. Now what?

    Great job!  

    Once your spot is received, our expert video team will start both automatic and manual quality control (QC) efforts to ensure your content meets broadcast standards.  If we see any issues, we’ll quickly notify you via email or phone with details of anything that may need to be fixed or present options to have our team correct it for you. 

    To have Yangaroo place your order, simply contact our Client Service team at [email protected] with the following info:

    • Relevant ISCI/Ad-ID codes being requested for delivery
    • Any production service requests that need to be completed (i.e. closed captioning, watermarking, tagging, clearance, etc.)
    • A list of your delivery destinations (station call letters).
    • There are no rush or after-hour premium charges to be concerned about, our standard delivery turnaround is immediate once the media passes QC and all production service requests are completed.  But if you need it done even faster, just let us know and we’ll prioritize further at no additional charge.

    If you’re ready to tackle the ordering process yourself, go for it!  We’ve made our platform super user-friendly and fully transparent with real-time order status.  We’ll even walk you through the process step by step until you feel comfortable.  To place an order yourself, simply logon to www.dmds.com, click on the Manage tab to create your own order, then follow the prompts and hit Send!

    Either way you choose, a Proof of Delivery (POD) report will be automatically emailed to you once the deliveries complete.  Yangaroo’s POD’s are unique in that we specify not only the date/time the spots were sent out, but also the date/time and contact name of the station download.

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