• Advertising FAQ

    How do I get my spot to Yangaroo DMDS for delivery?

    It’s simple and easy to prepare your video spot! 

    YANGAROO’S DMDS platform has been designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing production workflows.  Prior to uploading, your video should be formatted with a 5 second slate and 2 seconds of black at the head, followed by the media. 

    More options available for uploading audio and video content!

    Choose what works best for you:

    • Drop site:  Just navigate to our secure drop site at drop.dmds.com and follow the prompts. It’s fast, easy and great for single spot uploads!
    • DMDS.com:  Simply logon to our platform at www.dmds.com and click on “Upload Media” to drag and drop your files directly into your account.  This is the perfect option for multiple spots or long-form submissions.
    • Other: If you need something different, no worries, we also have customized alternative options available, including FTP or downloadable links.  Just contact us at [email protected] for more info.

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