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    Grab Yourself a Bigger Piece of the Pie


    Content marketing, programmatic, native, mobile – you name it – advertising is everywhere. This presents an opportunity for advertising agencies of any size to not only grab a piece of the pie, but play a part in formulating the recipe. No matter the size of the agency, they are all competing for the same pieces of the said pie, making every decision and dollar count toward the bottom line of their advertising workflow.

    On July 19th and 20th, AdAge will host the Small Agency Conference, giving small to mid-sized agencies a chance to collaborate and discuss the most innovative and effective strategies for advertising business success. We at YANGAROO will be a sponsor of this event, which enables attendees to gain inspiration through motivational talks from industry peers and thought leaders, as well as get a look behind the scenes, and see how agencies of all sizes expand on ideas born within an agency and make creative campaigns. We are excited to be sponsoring and attending the event, which provides us the chance to connect with advertising agencies and share how our cloud-based technology platform empowers them to get a bigger piece of the pie by distributing ads more efficiently.

    What are the advantages of our technology? 

    Leveraging our technology to automate over a dozen manual tasks provides agencies the ability to save between 40%-60% on distribution costs. Additionally, our Proof of Delivery (POD) Reports assure the sender that their content has been received and action on the receiving end taken, rather than just sent. This alleviates the agency from being left in the dark and wondering whether their content has been pushed to the proper place in the pipeline. Plus, we are always available with 24/7 customer service and a 30 minute or less response time guaranteed.