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    Political Ad Delivery

    As primaries and caucuses heat up the political battleground in the United States, it is not a surprise to see the advertising spend figures inflate with every passing day. This year, Ad Age debuted their Presidential Campaign Ad Scorecard, which tallies ad spending across broadcast, cable and satellite television, and radio. And needless to say, the numbers are huge. It’s estimated that by the end of the year, more than $6 billion will be spent in political advertising.

    With an astronomical amount of ads being distributed to destinations from several outlets, there is undoubtedly a need for assurance in the content’s delivery. We’re giving it to you straight, B.S.-free.

    What does ‘No B.S. Ad Delivery’ entail?

    Save MoneyCost-effective
    The platform relies on technology to automate the delivery of content, making every send with YANGAROO more cost-effective, i.e. 40-60% in some cases. Get a quote now.

    Proof of DeliveryDCR vs. POD
    While some companies are quick to share a Delivery Confirmation Report (DCR), it really doesn’t provide the sender with assurance that their content has been received (imagine throwing something over the fence).  YANGAROO’s platform provides Proof of Delivery (POD) reports, which assures the sender a receipt by sharing who and what action has been taken on the receiving line (imagine signing for a package actually delivered).

    Customer ServiceCustomer Service 24/7
    Customer service can often be taken for granted until there is a problem, but why wait until that moment because it could be too late and very costly.  YANGAROO provides 24/7 customer service. Our team possesses deep domain and technical expertise and is ready to assist customers with any questions they have.

    Save timeEfficiency
    Our platform relies on patented technology to automate more than a dozen manual tasks which saves time and increases operational efficiency. The platform runs quality control checks ensuring the content is in its correct format per the destination site.

    FootprintFull Footprint Reach
    The comprehensive YANGAROO footprint includes 16K+ destinations (over 95% U.S. and 100% of Canada) allowing users to rely on one platform for all of their ad delivery needs.

    With that, we’d appreciate your vote when it comes to sending your political advertising content! To cast your vote, simply start sending your content with YANGAROO! Or learn more about YANGAROO’s superior ad delivery by contacting us.

    If you will be at the CampaignTech East in Washington D.C. (May 2 – 3), give a shout to connect with Susan Aitkin, who will also be there.