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    Customer Service on a Silver Platter

    We’ve all been there. On hold while cheesy elevator music loops for anywhere from one minute to an hour. And as the clock ticks on, each minute feeling like an eternity, you try to busy yourself with other things, maybe distracted by the fear that you will be disconnected and have to get back in line, back to the end of the call queue. A resentment may begin to build. Why is this taking so long? You have other things to do. When you finally are connected to a live, human voice, will they even be able to help you? Will they redirect you? Will they tell you “tough luck?” All you want is a solution. A simple answer.

    For many, just the words “customer service” can carry a negative connotation because, let’s face it, there is not one of us who has not been frustrated by poor service, and probably a majority of us have sworn off certain brands for this very reason; we trusted them and they let us down. However, customer service can and is an influence factor for consumer’s purchases, especially repeat purchases. As it becomes a greater priority for consumers, why does there still seem to be so many companies failing to meet the demand for satisfactory customer service, especially considering the impact it may have on revenue growth?

    One reason points to expanded technology. Instant gratification has become an expectation and with countless channels of communication at consumers’ fingertips, there are several ways to engage with customer support services. Companies trying to be all things to all people are left with an influx of inquiries, reviews, and complaints from multiple sources that increasingly limit their time to respond.

    Another reason companies struggle to meet modern demands for satisfactory customer service is limited business hours. There may only be one number to call—that dreaded number that leads to interactive voice command menus where the hours that a real person is available to talk may only be from Monday-Friday from 9-5. Not very convenient if you work during the day or encounter a problem at 10pm (and not to mention those tricky time zones).

    When we do get the service, what do we want? Some people want quick answers, but others might place greater value on customer service that is polite and patient, or that goes into detail explaining a solution. We expect customer satisfaction, but it takes a company that places emphasis on learning just what their customers are looking for in not only satisfactory, but stellar customer service.

    Customer service can be improved by providing knowledgeable support, easy-to-reach support staff, short wait times, and clear instructions on how to use the services you provide. Giving people the information they need and via the communication they prefer in a timely manner makes your business easy to work with and builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    YANGAROO is a company that readily addresses these problems in customer service, striving to optimize user experience and build lasting relationships. By offering a user-friendly, ultra-secure, cloud-based platform for sending content to more than 16,000 destinations, your content has never been easier to manage. If you do run into questions or need technical support, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of our support staff are extremely knowledgeable with our product and clients’ workflows (both senders and receivers); so don’t be shy, if you need support give us a call. Customer service is more than a pillar of our service offerings, it’s something we’re committed to and take pride in.