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    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Filous Feat. Klei – Bicycle

    Newcomer Klei’s clear and girlish vocals float suspended in blue skies only to descend into a bassy beat with a playful shove. Shot on both digital and 16mm film throughout the Netherlands for an intentionally nouveau-retro aesthetic, “Bicycle” isn’t here to take itself too seriously. The tune bops up and down, a bubbly and free-wheeling […]

    Take Your Music Global

    Reach 1600+ Music Tastemakers with YANGAROO DMDS

    GLOBAL POP BLOGGERS is a brand new package, available with the special introductory price of $199! We’ve been relentlessly scouring the globe for the most important and influential music bloggers, reviewers, tastemakers on the planet, and we’ve found them. Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, Pitchfork, they’re all in there along with 1600+ more! An online mention, […]