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    Indie Take | Jessia

    Jessia has been an artist that has come up across our radar as of late. The young Vancouver based indie pop artist

    Video Views by JC: The Neighbourhood “Pretty Boy”

    “A wistful portrait of oddity in motion, the music video for Pretty Boy is a touching take on the life rarely lived. Opening on a floodlit field, 50’s sci-fi sound effects cascade onto a glistening silver silhouette with a guitar. ” Check out our very own JC’s take on the new video “Pretty Boy” from the group The Neighborhood.

    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Half•Alive – Arrow

    Half•Alive is a pop band with a lot to say.  Opening inside of a fridge in a 1950’s kitchen upon which the words; ‘The Rest Of Your Life’ are dubiously scrawled, the music video for Arrow directed by Half•Alive lead singer Josh Taylor is as dynamically charged as the track. Featuring intricate choreography and colourful […]