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    Video Views by JC: John Carpenter – Alive After Death

    “Vividly summoned by artist Boneface, the video captures the creeps of a dark hallucination in gorgeously lurid, horror-comic reminiscent illustrations.” Check out our very own JC’s take on legendary horror auteur, John Carpenter’s latest foray into music video.

    Video Views by JC: Rone – Esperanza

    “Using an actual audio sample taken of dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille walking in unison, the track encourages the always rebellious fight for optimism. Dance along.” Check out our very own JC’s take on electronic artist Rone’s new video “Esperanza.”

    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Whethan – Stay Forever (feat. STRFKR)

    It’s 2020, and what do we have to show for it? Consumer friendly jetpacks, teleportation devices, space travel? Nadda. Sci-Fi writers can be blamed for setting undue expectation in the form of fantastical inventions as the cure to the modern condition. The future is here, and we want them now. We have not a single […]