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    Putting the spotlight on tagging

    With the popularity and effectiveness of Direct Response growing ever stronger, many agencies have added direct-to-consumer options to the repertoire of campaign choices available to their clients. Find out how Yangaroo is your one-stop-shop for all things DRTV.

    What is the difference between an ISCI and an Ad-ID filename?

    This is a good question as both ISCI (Industry Standard Commercial Identification) and AD-ID file naming both assist the broadcast industry to easily identify your spot across businesses.  What’s the difference? ISCI (Industry Standard Commercial Identification) File naming using the ISCI standard can be created by you during the production process however it is not […]

    Why send my spots through Yangaroo instead of e-mail?

    Most e-mail services do not allow attachments over a certain size and in most cases, even compressed commercial spots are too large to send. All destinations also have their own formats and checks and balances that each spot must adhere to; since Yangaroo already has these requirements on-hand, each spot uploaded to us is automatically […]

    What is an ISCI?

    An ISCI is an alpha-numeric identifier assigned to a commercial spot and can be created by the sending agency. ISCI’s allow traffic departments to quickly match a spot up with its traffic instructions allowing them to identify and air the correct content. ISCI’s should not contain any special characters, be between 5-12 characters in length, […]