• Version

    Yangaroo DMDS Delivery Platform v6.0

    Yangaroo Music and Yangaroo Advertising are currently on version 6 of the platform. We release updates including new features and bug fixes every 4-6 weeks. Listed below are some of the client facing updates made in the last three releases:


    • Non-Manager Watermark Downloads for Music (Alpha)
    • Updates to online POS process
    • Improvements to Manager v2 download application
    • Updates to Yangaroo Clearance Platform (Beta)
    • Various bug fixes and performance updates


    • Updates to sidecar XML formats
    • Improvements have been made to the HTML editor for ‘Release Notes’ and ‘Notification Details’
    • Updates to improve search for order library
    • Various bug fixes and performance updates


    • Yangaroo Clearance Platform (Alpha)
    • House ID search added for recipient library
    • Updates to enhance speed/performance when creating notifications
    • Updates to improve search for destinations, media files and order library
    • Updates to add support for additional fields for order creation via the API
    • Support for PEACH XML format added
    • Additional options added for order cloning functionality
    • Various bug fixes and performance updates

    If you have any problems, please first check out the “Help” section on the top-right of the website. For further assistance, our technical support team is available at 1-(866)-992-9902 and [email protected]. For feature requests or bug reports, please email [email protected].