• Yangaroo Labs

    DMDS Labs, or the ‘Yangaroo Skunk Works’ is a series of on-going projects and features that takes its inspiration from the infamous division of Lockheed Martin that worked on ‘off-the-books’ projects and produced some of the most interesting and progressive aircraft designs. While our projects are smaller in scale (and admittedly a little less cool) compared to stealth aircraft design; they are the latest, greatest or upcoming aspects of the YANGAROO/DMDS system – either in concept or close to completion in an upcoming software update.

    YANGAROO Connector – Advanced Broadcast Integrations

    Connector will allow for the efficient transmission of buyer and seller data related to avails at a broadcaster, naturally integrating both the scheduling and media information that the YANGAROO Platform is already entrusted with. This will eventually include the ability to pass back playback data through the platform, extending the YANGAROO Reporter functionality to include proper airing of materials.

    It is important to note that YANGAROO Connector is not a replacement for any established internal media buying or selling platform or tools, but merely the glue that integrates these systems while including the existing elegant media delivery and traffic solutions already available via the YANGAROO Platform.

    These tools will increase transaction frequency, efficiency and accelerates integrations which may have otherwise taken months or years to complete. It also allows accessibility and options for all levels of broadcasters to implement complex and advanced broadcast management systems with limited or no additional cost.


    We are working on a ground up re-construction of our API. Purpose driven from the start, we will be simplifying its design aiding in future vendor and broadcaster integrations. This includes a new authentication model, improved overall performance and the ability to address all the features in Advertising (Short Form, Long Form and Billboards) as well as Music.

    Advertising Dashboard

    A single page displaying weekly and monthly trending, one-click POD’s and Order Creation shortcuts.

    Drag and Drop Traffic Data Import

    Take your favorite traffic worksheet and drag and drop it right into the YANGAROO Order Creation window to automatically import media and destination information and generate traffic instructions, reducing what may have took unnecessary manual processing.

    YANGAROO Music – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Integration

    Automatically post newly created music releases to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and optionally include links to stream a preview of the materials.