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    Video Views by JC: The Neighbourhood “Pretty Boy”

    “A wistful portrait of oddity in motion, the music video for Pretty Boy is a touching take on the life rarely lived. Opening on a floodlit field, 50’s sci-fi sound effects cascade onto a glistening silver silhouette with a guitar. ” Check out our very own JC’s take on the new video “Pretty Boy” from the group The Neighborhood.

    Video Views by JC: Amy Allen “Difficult”

    “A satirical take on the ambitious and uncompromising woman in all of her commonly held faults and shortcomings…” Check out our very own JC’s take on the new video “Difficult” from the established hit songwriter, Amy Allen.

    We Support Independent Music: 2018 Highlights – Indie Music Distribution

    This is a look back at some of the indies that visited us last year! YANGARO is the most effective way for indies to deliver music to radio & TV for broadcast consideration! YANGAROO’s Live Streamings 2018 Reel – Indie Music Distribution.