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    Do I need to close-caption my spots?

    Closed-captioning is not required by law in the United States for commercial content so is optional. In Canada however, closed-captioning is mandatory for any commercial content to air. If closed-captioning is a service you’d like to add to your spot to increase its accessibility, contact [email protected] for further details. Follow us on LinkedIn –>


    Cost-effective Closed Captioning & Post-production Services

    Closed-captioning is quickly becoming an integral part of advertising content delivery so why not get the most for your money? How low can we go?!

    DMDS Crazy Offer

    Read This If You Need Closed Captions: WE’VE TEMPORARILY LOST OUR MINDS!!!

    FREE U.S. RADIO SERVICING WITH CLOSED CAPTIONING ORDERS We’re offering complimentary U.S. national radio servicing with every closed captioning order until sanity can be regained. This means that not only are you delivering a broadcast ready music video to TV networks, but you can deliver your single to radio stations across the country… at no […]