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    CBC Music’s annual talent search in support of aspiring Canadian musicians has announced the Top 100 for 2023, and Yangaroo Music is proud to play a pivotal role!

    2023 Searchlight is CBC Music’s long-running hunt for Canada’s undiscovered musical talent. Thousands of submissions have come in and the judges have revealed the Top 100 finalists!

    Many are familiar names to us here at Yangaroo Music, and we’re excited to become familiar with all of these talented Canadian recording artists. Each is now featured on the CBC Searchlight Standout stream, you can listen to now at CBC Listen or the CBC Listen App.

    The Top 10 finalists will be announced on Aug. 15th, and finally the grand prize winner and four secondary winners on Aug. 22nd, so stay tuned!

    We’ve provided our expertise to host and develop the entry form and judging tools, but more importantly we’re providing prizes for both the Grand Prize and secondary category prizes to help boost their careers.

    We can’t wait to find out who will take this year’s incredible package of prizes, and the nation-wide focus and airplay that will come from it. Good luck to all!

    The full list of the Top 100 finalists:

    1. Ajay Friese, “Fifty” (Victoria) 
    2. Amanda Jordan, “Somebody’s Maybe” (Smiths Falls, Ont.)
    3. Amber Walls, “Should Have Listened to Mama” (Blackville, N.B.)
    4. Andrew Dupuis, “Wake Up” (Duhamel, Que.)
    5. Aphrose, “Good Love” (Toronto)
    6. Avery Raquel, “Deep in My Mind” (Brantford, Ont.)
    7. Aviv, “Jimmy’s House” (Toronto) 
    8. Avry, “Pillows” (Toronto)
    9. Beau Nectar, “Buds” (Moose Jaw, Sask.)
    10. Blue Ridge Band, “Chasing Sunsets” (Lévis, Que.) 
    11. Boosted, “She Wanna” (Vancouver)
    12. Braden Lam, “Second Wind” (Halifax)
    13. Cam Kahin, “Try Again” (Dunnsville, Ont.)
    14. Charles the Emperor, “Dust” (Montreal)
    15. Chloé Caroline, “Twin Flames” (Kingston, Ont.)
    16. Cinzia and the Eclipse, “Runaway” (Toronto)
    17. Close Kicks, “Never Gonna Give This Up” (Lindsay, Ont.)
    18. Cross Parallel, “We Can’t Lose” (Nanaimo, B.C.)
    19. Darcy Scott, “Wasted Spaces” (St. John’s)
    20. Darrian Gerard, “Explosion” (Duncan, B.C.)
    21. Daussen, “Don’t Feel the Same” (Regina, Sask.)
    22. Dawson Gamble, “Dance With Me Darlin'” (Toronto)
    23. Delon Om, “Peace and Love” (Toronto)
    24. Derina Harvey Band, “Waves of Home” (Edmonton)
    25. Donny Lee, “Got Me This Far” (Edmonton)
    26. Eleanor, “Make Sense” (London, Ont.) 
    27. Elenee, “Consistently” (Lloydminster, Sask.)
    28. Elissa Mielke, “Paper Moth Flame” (Toronto)
    29. Encore, “Done” (Winnipeg)
    30. Eric Punzo, “Broken Halo” (Toronto)
    31. Excuse Me., “Heavyweight” (Guelph, Ont.)
    32. Exmiranda, “Fresh Fro” (Toronto)
    33. FKA Rayne, “Side Effect” (Vancouver)
    34. Ghostown, “Ghost of Saturday Night” (Summerside, P.E.I.)
    35. Group Project, “Alma Mater” (Montreal)
    36. Hayley Wallis, “Halulu” (Vancouver)
    37. Ivytide, “Flood Lines” (Montreal)
    38. J3M, “Space and Time” (Toronto)
    39. Jace Carrillo, “Equinox” (Montreal)
    40. Jane Wood, “Bitemark” (Toronto)
    41. Jeremy Voltz, “Baby This Is Worth It” (Toronto)
    42. Jess and Tay, “Boy Problems” (Kingston, Ont.)
    43. Jessa Sky, “Surrender” (Edmonton)
    44. Jessica Sevier, “Legends of the Summer” (Toronto)
    45. Johnny Hollow, “The Wild Hunt” (Kitchener, Ont.)
    46. Jordan Astra, “Starting From Scratch” (Toronto)
    47. Josh Alexander, “Hurricane” (Montreal)
    48. Josh Sahunta, “Broken” (Edmonton)
    49. June6xteen, “Polaroid” (Montreal)
    50. Justin Fancy, “Lie” (Conception Bay South, N.L.)
    51. Kaiya Gamble, “Polaroids” (Calgary)
    52. Kasablanca, “Dream About You” (Toronto)
    53. Kasey Nugent, “Spin the Bottle” (Toronto)
    54. Kresnt, “Uptown” (Vancouver)
    55. Kyra Daniel, “Words Mean Something” (Kingston, Ont.)
    56. Laura Cavacece, “Leaving” (Toronto)
    57. Laura Roy, “Odyssey” (Canning, N.S.)
    58. LeFloranco, “Danser avec toi” (Ottawa)
    59. Liyah Katana, “Toxic” (Toronto)
    60. Luna Elle, “Tempo” (Toronto)
    61. Lyle Kam, “June” (Toronto)
    62. Madisyn Gifford, “21” (White Rock, B.C.)
    63. Maeesha b, “Don’t HMU” (Ottawa)
    64. Maggie Andrew, “Better Than You” (Halifax)
    65. Mannie, “Trip” (Toronto)
    66. Mattmac, “Rez (Remix)” (Winnipeg)
    67. Maya Killtron, “Out of My Life” (Toronto)
    68. Miesha and the Spanks, “Dig Me Out” (Calgary)
    69. Mikey Jose, “Quarterlife” (Vancouver)
    70. Milan André Boronell, “Aurora” (Montreal)
    71. Minoe, “Cherry” (Montreal)
    72. Munya Mataruse, “Maramba Doro” (Yellowknife)
    73. Myazwe, “The Plot” (Winnipeg)
    74. Myles Castello, “Relevant” (Toronto)
    75. Nicole Ariana, “Master of Denial” (Halifax)
    76. Oleyada, “U and Me” (Mississauga, Ont.)
    77. Oliver Michael, “Running in the Dark” (Rossland, B.C.)
    78. Pillow Fite, “Spilt Milk” (Halifax)
    79. Pisceze, “Dodging Bullets” (Toronto)
    80. Poolblood, “Twinkie” (Poolblood)
    81. Rachel Cousins, “Hell and High Water” (Portugal Cove-St.Philips, N.L.)
    82. Richard Tichelman, “Missing You” (Surrey, B.C.)
    83. Robin Cisek, “Hey Disaster” (Edmonton)
    84. Rosewood Ave, “Good Ole Days” (Matheson, Ont.)
    85. Sarina Haggarty, “Waste of Time” (London, Ont.)
    86. Shubz, “Don’t Let Me Go” (Ottawa)
    87. Sleep/less, “Surrender” (Winnipeg)
    88. Slightest Clue, “Just Fine” (Vancouver)
    89. The New Hires, “Get Out” (Ottawa)
    90. The Wilderness, “Christina” (Kingston, Ont.)
    91. The Honest Guy, “Lost to the Summer” (Toronto)
    92. Tiz McNamara, “April Fool” (Toronto)
    93. Tyler Del Pino, “Patchwork” (Winnipeg)
    94. Tyler Lorette, “Shattered” (Courtice, Ont.)
    95. Vandelux, “All I’ve Ever Known” (Vancouver)
    96. Victoria Anthony, “New Disaster” (Vancouver)
    97. Waahli, “Te Revoir” (Montreal)
    98. Wayfie, “Call You Mine” (Vancouver)
    99. Wissem, “Maracas” (Montreal)
    100. Yellowsky, “Redemption Point” (Saskatoon)