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    How To Know When & Where Your TV Advertising Aired

    For many brands, knowing exactly which stations and when their TV advertising commercials ran on TV can be a mystery. Most large brands have an agency that negotiates and manages their media buys. However, actual airing data is unavailable until at least 90 days after the commercial aired – well past the airing date.

    In this post, we will cover TV commercial watermarking, why it’s essential, how watermarking benefits brand advertisers and provide suggestions on how this real-time data can be used to save time and money.

    What is TV commercial watermarking, and why does it matter?

    TV commercial watermarking is a method of embedding a digital watermark, or a digital code, into a television commercial’s video or audio signal. The invisible and inaudible watermark can be used by special tracking devices to identify the buying source of the commercial, track the number of times it has been aired, and even determine the specific airings of the commercial. This information can be used for various purposes, such as

    • ad verification
    • audience measurement
    • prevent undesired use of the TV commercial.

    This technology can be beneficial for advertisers and television networks by providing more accurate and real-time information about the reach and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. It can also help to ensure that commercials are aired as intended.

    How real-time airing data can help brands save time and money:

    TV commercial watermarking is a powerful tool that can help advertisers verify their commercials’ airings with 100% certainty. It provides valuable insights and data that might not be available through traditional agency post-buy reports. With Yangaroo’s Analytics platform, brands can independently access, discover, interpret, and view patterns in their advertising data, giving them a more complete understanding of the performance of their campaigns.

    Yangaroo’s Analytics platform also provides clean data from an independent source, free from any outcome-based conflicts of interest. This allows brands to reference the airings data for media and financial audits. Additionally, brands can use our platform to access National and Local TV audience and occurrence data, cross-referencing it with Connected TV or Digital Video via the metadata.

    One of the critical advantages of Yangaroo’s Analytics platform is the ability to flag and address any traffic errors in real time. Restrictions on traffic instructions, such as limits on double spotting, hard-stop flight end dates, creative rotation, daypart mix restrictions, and acceptable programming, can be easily monitored and flagged through our platform. Brands can receive a daily email alert if any TV advertising airings occurred outside of their specified traffic instructions, allowing them to quickly address any issues and ensure their ads are being aired correctly.

    With the use of watermarking and Yangaroo’s Analytics platform, brands can ensure their ads are being aired as intended, saving them time and money in the process.

    Interested in learning more about how Yangaroo Analytics helps brands ensure their TV advertising airs as intended? Contact one of our team or use the Chatbot at www.yangaroo.com to inquire, and we look forward to having an informative discussion with you.