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    Drive Value Through Active Analytics

    Analytics in the advertising industry is alive!  As organizations use this data collection to realize their competitive position in the marketplace, they are managing a living entity that is constantly growing, evolving, and creating new opportunities. Analytics is forever active and should always be treated as such. Yet somehow, we seem to accept passive advertising analytics from systems that inform us only to an endpoint and can’t compel us to activate opportunities in the business moment.

    “By using Yangaroo Analytics, leading customers have taken the necessary steps within their organizations to support their advertising effectiveness in this evolving marketplace.”

    In today’s “always on” mindset, businesses are expected to make decisions and act as an event happens. The ultimate position to be in is when you are set up and confident to take immediate action. Moving from passive analytics to an active analytics model is key for any business. That active analytics opportunity for immediate action drives transformation and creates real advantages. 

    Now that we know the real advantages of active analytics, how do you switch from a state of passive data to active data? By using Yangaroo Analytics, leading customers have taken the necessary steps within their organizations to support their advertising effectiveness in this evolving marketplace. Here’s what Yangaroo analytics has to offer;

    1. Extracting Insights: we all ultimately use analytics to strategically extract insight that produce favorable business outcomes. An organization’s decision-makers should have access to advertising occurrence data to react quickly when things don’t go as planned: pre-emptions, breaking news, missed spots, and wrong creatives. Waiting for log-level data weeks after a campaign ends is not a viable business strategy. Instead, leaders should embrace a strategy of ingesting and navigating almost real-time advertising occurrence data to inform insightful decisions. 
    • Activate: our customers embrace their ability to act on reliable data to support the right decisions and take informed actions at the right moment. You can’t create value in any business process unless you do something. Not only do we interrogate data, build insights, and provide a dashboard, we add the immediacy of 24/7 customer support so that non-specialists can ask questions and receive sensible answers without drowning in jargon.
    • Trust: Data is enormously influential, but it needs corralling and handling with care. When we demonstrate predictability, and people know we will deliver what we said we would deliver, that builds trust. 

    Interested in learning more about how Yangaroo helps customers drive value through active analytics? Contact one of our team, or use the Chatbot at www.yangaroo.com to make an inquiry, and we’ll look forward to having an informative discussion with you.

    Yangaroo is a leading advertising marketing technology provider that delivers digital media and advertising to millions of consumers daily. We deliver ads to over 30,000+ destinations in the US across Linear, Digital, and Radio. Our Audience and Analytics platform provides seamless access for customers to view delivery, occurrences, and target audience impressions. This allows our customers to optimize performance and ensure their target audience sees their message—the result of knowing with certainty.