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    Trusting Yangaroo’s Privacy & Security

    Yangaroo being SOC 2 compliant, it is an assurance that the company’s systems and services meet industry-standard security controls and processes as described in SOC 2 standard. This is important for Yangaroo since it handles sensitive data and content, such as music, videos, and advertising, for its clients. SOC 2 compliance demonstrates to its clients and partners that Yangaroo is committed to protecting the security and privacy of the data and content it handles, which can help to build trust and confidence in its services.

    1. Data security: SOC 2 compliance ensures that Yangaroo has implemented robust controls to protect client data and content from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.
    2. Availability and Confidentiality: SOC 2 compliance also ensures that Yangaroo has measures in place to ensure the availability and confidentiality of its systems and services so that client data and content are always accessible and protected.
    3. Compliance with regulations: Yangaroo may handle data that is subject to specific regulations, such as HIPAA or personal data. SOC 2 compliance helps to ensure that Yangaroo adheres to these regulations and maintains compliance.
    4. Competitive advantage: SOC 2 compliance can also give Yangaroo a competitive advantage in the market, as more and more customers are looking for vendors that can demonstrate strong security controls and processes.
    5. Continuous monitoring and improvement: Yangaroo will need to regularly undergo SOC 2 assessments and maintain its certification, which will help them stay on top of industry standards and emerging threats, providing ongoing assurance to its customers

    Overall, SOC 2 compliance is critical for Yangaroo because it helps the company demonstrate a commitment to protecting the security and privacy of client data and content, comply with relevant regulations, and provides a competitive advantage in the market. It also allows for continuous monitoring and improvement of its security controls and processes to maintain the trust and confidence of its clients.

    What a perfect way to ensure your vendors privacy & security. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to provide further information to you.