• Advertising Insights

    Making accessibility easier for your TV ads.

    Closed captioning and audio description services are crucial to accessibility, and Yangaroo is here to help. Let’s look at why Yangaroo is just so good at services to drive greater accessibility of your content. Here are many reasons why you should consider Yangaroo;

    1. Expertise in digital media: A company that specializes in digital media, such as Yangaroo, may have a wealth of expertise in the field of online video content distribution, which could translate well to closed captioning services.
    2. Efficient technology: The technology that a company such as Yangaroo might use for advertising delivery is also well-suited for closed captioning services, such as automation tools that can help to streamline the closed captioning and audio description processes.
    3. Knowledge of industry standards: Yangaroo is well-versed in industry standards for advertising, such as regulations and tracking, and may also be well-equipped to navigate the regulations and best practices surrounding closed captioning.
    4. Distribution capabilities: Yangaroo, with its strong distribution capabilities, can disseminate closed captioning videos to multiple broadcasters, platforms, and devices, which may be necessary for closed captioning service clients.
    5. Strong Customer service: Providing excellent customer service is essential to understand the client’s needs and providing tailored services accordingly.

    Overall, closed captioning and audio description services are key to accessibility because they make video content accessible to people with hearing and visual impairments and also improve understanding, engagement, and compliance with regulations, thus creating inclusive and equitable opportunities for education and entertainment. Get in touch with us now, and rest easy knowing Yangaroo’s white glove service makes your production life easy.