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    To slate, or not to slate.

    Given where your video is going to be aired or published and with so many specific formats required to meet each of these destination requirements, slating seems to be the biggest question lately, doesn’t it?

    With some stations and networks requiring slates and some requesting a no-slate format, then a no slate format required for the digital ad servers, how do you know whether to include a visual slate or not? Well, here at Yangaroo we understand that the many specifications and requirements can become overwhelming so we’re offering an insanely simple solution to this conundrum.

    First off, what is a slate? Think of a slate as a visual clapperboard included in the front of the actual 15 or 30 second video of the commercial, all embedded within a single MPEG. It informs the broadcaster which commercial they are viewing and to make sure they always schedule and air the correct version. Becoming an industry standard decades ago, slates often include the title, length, brand, and ISCI/Ad-ID (alpha-numeric identifier).

    Today the requirement is in a hybrid transition where some linear and digital destinations request their incoming content to be slated, and others prefer un-slated spots delivered to their workflow. Today, the information required within a slate has fast become acceptable to be received as metadata only alongside the video. So, depending on the destination, each may or may not require a slate.

    So, how does Yangaroo make this simple for you?

    Simple, we’ve got you covered. Upload your master spots without a slate and Yangaroo will automatically add one for you as it’s required by each destination. Where it’s not mandatory, we will simply deliver the video with appropriate metadata required by the destination, whether it’s a TV broadcaster, OTT or CTV destination, and any digital ad server you may use.

    Want to check out our no-slate workflow or get a look at our ever-improving DMDS delivery platform? Contact us now!

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