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    Top Downloads, Top CanCon and Most Active Indies – Wk of July 5th 2021

    Top Downloads:

    1. Ed Sheeran “Bad Habits” (Warner)
    2. Faouzia “Hero” (Warner)
    3. Foo Fighters “Making a Fire” (RCA/Sony)
    4. Tate Mcrae x Khalid “working” (RCA/Sony)
    5. bülow “Revolver” (Universal)
    6. Doja Cat & The Weeknd “You Right” (Kemosabe Records/RCA Records/Sony)
    7. DVBBS & Powfu “Losing Sleep” (DMD/Ultra)
    8. Dababy “Red Light Green Light” (Interscope Records / Universal Music Canada)
    9. Tenille Townes “Girl Who Didn’t Care” (Sony)
    10. Tai Verdes “A-O-K” (Arista/Sony)

    Top Downloads are the most downloaded singles that qualify as during the given period

    Top CanCon Downloads:

    1. Faouzia “Hero” (Warner)
    2. bülow “Revolver” (Universal)
    3. DVBBS & Powfu “Losing Sleep” (DMD/Ultra)
    4. Tenille Townes “Girl Who Didn’t Care” (Sony)
    5. Hillside Outlaws “Something ‘Bout Summer” (RPMpromotion)
    6. Johnny Reid “Hey Delilah” (Universal Music Canada)
    7. Matt Lang “In a Bar” ( Jayward/Sony)
    8. Our Lady Peace “Stop Making Stupid People Famous (feat. Pussy Riot)” (Warner/Coalition Music)
    9. Foolproof “The Wake” (RPMpromotion)
    10. Mike Robins “One Beer At a Time” (Indie)

    Top CanCon Downloads are the most downloaded singles that qualify as Canadian Content during the given period

    1. DVBBS & Powfu “Losing Sleep” (DMD/Ultra)
    2. Hillside Outlaws “Something ‘Bout Summer” (RPMpromotion)
    3. Nathan Cunningham “Smokin” (B Martineau promo)
    4. Mike Robins “One Beer At A Time” (Indie)
    5. Ralph “Tommy” (DMD/AWAL)
    6. Marc Jordan “Little Lambs” (Linus Entertainment/ThatEricAlper Promo)
    7. Justin Fancy “Makes Me Wanna” (B Martineau Promo)
    8. Dr Friday “Crusin” (Radio Active Promo)
    9. Nasty Feat. Karl Wolf “Cake” (Undeniable Entertainment)
    10. Andre Pettipas and The Giants “Homesick” (RPMpromotion)

    Most Active indies are the most streamed and downloaded singles during the given period on releases not directly promoted to radio by any of the major record companies.