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    Video Views by JC: Sigrid – Mirror

    Norwegian phenom Sigrid returns with new confidence in Mirror.

    Leaving behind her girl-band inspired indie rock cache and striding into the arms of pop electronica with certainty, Mirror feels like an inevitable next leap. The singer-songwriter caught North American ears and eyes with her cover of Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows backing the opening credits for 2017 blockbuster movie Justice League, the somber swell of her voice a chilling take on a grim musical touchstone. Stunning global fans with her gravitas, 2019’s debut LP Sucker Punch became a UK top 5 album. Sigrid was working in LA on an upcoming release when she had to be escorted back to her home country to weather the global storm that was 2020. On the flight, the first streaks of light that would become Mirror were already straining through.

    Not to be confused with a done-and-done again self-congratulatory ballad to inflated ego, Mirror is a meditation on incorporating evolving elements of self into a likewise evolving life. Disco has aways been about uplifting the downtrodden, inspiriting the listless, and shaking the status quo from the dance floor up. Mirror is nouveaux disco, a newly breathed revitalization combining big 90’s popstar vocals with bigger orchestral ballroom atmosphere. A collaboration with director Femke Huurdeman, Sigrid dashes through shag carpeting, dueting herself wearing an assortment of puffy dresses as she refracts the spotlight as her very own disco ball.

    Check out Mirror for the summer dance track for a new age – and stick around for the super endearing blooper credits.

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