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    Simplify your TV Clearance

    We here at Yangaroo are constantly striving to become your one-stop-shop for all things media and have once again made a giant leap forward in realizing that goal. Our new TV Clearance Portal, ingrained within our existing DMDS platform, is set to be game-changer by finally making your TV clearance requirements insanely easy.

    The ins and outs of US clearance.

    Clearance generally entails using a vender or separate clearance platform to upload spots and/or supporting documentation, such as scripts or clinical studies, to individual broadcast networks’ clearance departments for review. The sender, either the agency or vender representative, is responsible for maintaining communication between the client and clearance departments to ensure all supporting materials have been received and that the spot(s) are cleared for air.

    Yangaroo decided to make the jump into the world of clearance while utilizing third party clearance platforms on behalf of our clients and realized that there was just no easy-to-use option out there. As Mitch Conrad, our Customer Solutions Manager, puts it, “We saw a gap in the current marketplace for a clearance product that simplifies the process for both senders and networks, bringing it together holistically with spot delivery as part of one single account”.

    One account, one spot upload, one easy process.

    First and foremost, by hosting our Clearance Portal within our DMDS platform, clearance is completed within the same account allowing the user to complete clearance and trafficking all in one place. And if you’re already a Yangaroo user, you’re halfway there as there’s no requirement to learn a brand-new interface.

    Aligning with our DMDS platform, our Clearance Portal is easy to use allowing the user to switch fluidly between viewing approvals, restrictions, documents, contacts, clearance history, and chat. Our chat function makes communication a breeze – chat in real-time with the destinations to ensure all necessary documents are on-hand, no lengthy e-mail threads necessary! And with prompt and comprehensive e-mail/SMS notification options available, choose to receive only the e-mail or text notifications that matter to you, guaranteeing you won’t miss a thing. 

    Did we mention competitive rates? Clearance can often be a costly afterthought with middleman third-party applications driving up the cost. At Yangaroo, we’ve removed the middleman completely allowing us to provide the lowest clearance costs in the game. Want to find out how much you can save? Contact us now for how we can make your next clearance project insanely easy.

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