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    Lite-ning fast deliveries

    When we introduced Express Delivery, we wanted to be the simplest, easiest, and fastest service to get a single ad delivery to the broadcaster as possible. It still comes with our robust quality control, tracking, and notifications, but who doesn’t want their deliveries to be just a bit easier? Well, here at Yangaroo, we see it as our job to make delivering your advertising content as easy as possible. So, we’ve introduced DMDS Lite – a scaled-down simpler version of our standard Order Creation process, designed specifically for the less frequent advertisers to use sending quick and simple orders.

    Less sections, one page, a simpler layout. 

    As with most of our platform updates, DMDS Lite was designed based on direct feedback we received from our users, and quickly its two main goals became apparent: make it easier to use and make it fast. Check and check! As Rich Klosa, our Chief Technology Officer, put it, “As the available delivery options and destinations continue to increase, we were looking for a way to make an involved process as easy as drag and dropping a few pieces of information.” Combined with a sleek new look, DMDS Lite opens to one single order page allowing the user to either search for or copy and paste their asset and station lists in seconds. 

    “It used to take a few minutes to go through all the sections, now you can send an order with a few clicks. We’ve also added features like instant search to make it lightning fast,” Nino Dragic, our Director of Software Development, added. And not to worry, our standard DMDS platform (with all those fancy bells and whistles!) is still available alongside DMDS Lite, both included when you sign up for a free Advertising account. 

    DMDS Lite is a new foundation for Yangaroo. The DMDS platform is going through a new iteration to take on the principles of DMDS Lite for the most advanced and complex orders. There will also be additional asset management and workflow features in the pipeline, and we will be looking forward to keeping you posted on the releases.

    So, want to check out DMDS Lite for yourself? Contact us now!

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